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SF New Spy Duties 2-19-04 

SF molding Philippine Army 5-17-03

SF disembark C-17 2-20-03

Combat role Philippines 02-19-03

Advisers In -- Out 06-20-02

Filipino's Teach SF 04-24-02

Troops to Philippines 01 15 02

Advisors in Philippines 01 02

Trainers in Philippines 12 01

Exercise Cobra Gold 1998 

Exercise Tandem Thrust 1997

Slain Soldiers 45 years Apart  

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Fort Lewis, Washington


SSgt Joseph F. Curreri    KIT   10-26-07
SFC Adrian M. Elizalde      KIA   8-23-07 SFC Michael J. Tully          KIA   8-23-07
SFC Nathan L. Winder         KIA 6-26-07 Sgt Maj. Bradly D. Conner   KIA   5-9-07
MSgt Joseph J. Andres     KIA  12-24-05

SFC Obediah J. Kolath          KIA 8-28-05

Sgt. Jeremy R. Wright           KIA 1-3-05

SSgt. Robert K. McGee      Died 1 July 04

SFC Mark Wayne Jackson KIA 10-2-02

SFC Nathan Chapman              KIA 1-4-02

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