Special Forces seeking Saddam

Special Forces Command (Airborne)

21 January 2003

The United States is vigorously trying to track and possibly kill Iraqi President Saddam Hussein with a military campaign that includes special forces troops and intelligence operatives inside Iraq, according to a report published.

USA Today newspaper, citing unnamed intelligence officials, said the effort to get Saddam involves Central Intelligence Agency paramilitary units, special forces troops, satellite imagery, radio intercepts and airborne reconnaissance.

It is part of a strategy designed to either convince Saddam to leave power, or provide options for ousting him, the daily said.

A CIA spokesman declined to comment on the report when contacted by AFP.

Earlier this month, the Boston Globe daily, citing unnamed intelligence officials and military analysts, said some 100 US Special Forces troops and 50 CIA operatives were inside Iraq searching for Scud missile launchers, monitoring oil fields, marking minefields and using laser pointers to guide US pilots patrolling "no-fly" zones toward their targets

2003 AFP

Report: U.S. special forces in Iraq track Saddam Hussein 

20-Jan-2003, 08:24 

2003 Albawaba.com

The United States is undertaking a vigorous military and intelligence effort to track, and possibly kill, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, an American newspaper reported Monday. 

The effort involves, among other things, small teams of U.S. special operations forces and CIA paramilitary units inside and around Iraq, satellite imagery, radio intercepts and airborne reconnaissance, U.S. intelligence officials told The USA Today. 

The activities are part of a strategy designed to pressure Saddam to depart or disarm and, if he won't, pave the way for a U.S.-led invasion to oust him, the report added.

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