Special Forces Command (Airborne)


Original Linage WW II 1st SSF "The Devil's Brigade"


10 April 1952 Activated

US Army Psychological Warfare Division and School

Fort Bragg, NC


10 December 1956 Renamed

US Army Special Warfare School

Fort Bragg, NC

First Commander Lt. Gen. William P. Yarborough

1964 Renamed

US Army Center for Special Warfare

Commonly Known As 

US Army John F. Kennedy Center for Special Warfare

Fort Bragg, NC


10 January 1969 Renamed

US Army John F. Kennedy Institute for Military Assistance


US Army Center for Military Assistance

Fort Bragg, NC


1 October 1982 Provisionally Activated

1st Special Operations Command (Airborne)

Fort Bragg, NC


1983 Activated

US Army 1st Special Operations Command (Airborne)

Fort Bragg, NC


9 April 1987

Official U.S. Army Branch Special Forces (SF)

Authorized by the Secretary of the Army on 9 April 1987 and made official by General Order 35 on 19 June 1987. The decision to make SF a branch was based on an analysis of the current and future threat, the integration of SF into the Army’s Warfighting Doctrine and Force Structure, and various SF missions. Creation of the branch also solved a number of long-standing personnel management and professional development inadequacies.


November 27, 1990 Renamed

US Army Special Forces Command (Airborne)

Fort Bragg, NC


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