Organization and Personnel

Special Forces Command (Airborne)





Major General Geoff Lambert Commander


"The Blessing" Ft Bragg 8 August 2001


In addition to the individual skills of operations and intelligence, communications, medical aid, engineering, and weapons, each Special Forces soldier is taught to train, advise, and assist host nation military or paramilitary forces. Special Forces soldiers are highly skilled operators, trainers, and teachers. Area-oriented, these soldiers are specially trained in their area's native language and culture.

Command Flag designed 1 Aug 2001 Introduced to Group Commanders 8 September 2001**

**Designed by MG Geoff Lambert and art by Phil King







Special Forces Command exercises command and control over five active component groups. Additionally, it exercises training oversight of two Army National Guard groups. Each Special Forces Group is regionally oriented to support one of the warfighting commanders in chief.



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